What can we translate?

Openhost right now can offer French - English or English - French translation service to all our clients.

Working closely with an affiliated company called G.B. Transtext we offer document, flyer, pamphlet, web site content translation at an affordable rate.

Why would you want to have information translated?

Well there is an obvious advantage to having a document translated to one that is not.

Many companies would like to make their products or information on their products available to as many potential customers.

In Canada we have several provinces that are Bi-Lingual.

Why limit yourself to just Anglophone customers? By translating your document, you demonstrate your willingness to make the product available to everyone.

For those Clients that are not promoting a product maybe you want to reach out to everyone in Canada. Providing the option for those to read content in either French or English gives them a sense of comfort in the information provided.

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Small sample of G.B. Transtext's clientele

We would like to take a moment to recognize some of our clients and thank them for allowing G.B. Transtext to use their company names as references.

Translation Services break down.
Normal Document Rates  
Per word charge $0.20
PDF format conversion charge $25.00
Editorial & Research Rates  
Hourly $51.00
Document Formats Accepted Extension
Microsoft Word .doc
Corel WordPerfect .wpd
Rich Text Format .rtf
Text Document .txt
Adobe PDF .pdf

Two weeks notice for translation of documents 1000 words or more in order to meet deadlines.

Any documents submitted for translation that may require research for special terminology, customer will be notified before hand of any incurring hourly rates.

We do not accept legally binding documentation for translation.

All prices are calculated in Canadian currency (cdn). A 13% HST tax will be applied to all translations.

We also do work for charitable non-profit organisations. Requesting a receipt for the total amount of billable services donated is all that is required.

Client Testimonies
qmark Working with Georgette is always such a great pleasure. Translation requirements are often one of those "last" steps in developing content, and thus speed of delivery is critical. I know I can count on G.B. Transtext to be professional and accurate, even under pressure. With her solid understanding of both English and French languages, Georgette has even caught the odd mistake in my English text! qmark
- Louise Desmarais
Mud Creative Inc.