Why do i need a custom design web site?

Sure you can find a website template online but how many people are using that particular one?

Some custom templates can cost up to $1000 or more. We start our templates off at $150 which gives you two and a half hours of initial design time with our graphics team.

Visit our design division website. Digital-Studios.ca

How much is it going to cost for a startup website ?

There a many different ways you can spend your money when starting up a website. Lets break down what a basic website must consist of before it is a called a website.

Here is a list of what you need to get started.

  • Domain Name ie.(www.yourdomain.com or .ca)
  • Hosting provider (online storage for website)
  • Website design and content for your website

A domain name is an address that is associated with you or your business. It is just like a mailing address or phone number. After the domain is registered, its pointed to the hosting providers IP address.

Now when people type yourdomain.com in the address bar of their browser such as Internet Explorer, it directs them to your online storage where the website is.

That was the easy part. Now the design and content need to be populated on your hosting provider in order for anyone to see it. This is where you work with the design team to create the look and feel of your website.

Our design team also do website coding such as formatting content and inserting it into the website template.


Sample of a basic website startup cost
Recurring Fees  
Domain Registration for 1 year (.ca) $14.99/yr
Starter package 25mb web space $9.99/mo
One Time Fees  
Custom website template $150.00
Coding of content for 5 pages
( $60.00 /per page about an hour per page.)
subtotal $474.98
tax (13%) $61.75
total $536.73

All prices are calculated in Canadian currency (cdn). 13% HST tax will be applied to all transactions.

We also do work for charitable non-profit organisations. Requesting a receipt for the total amount of billable services donated is all that is required.