Email Packages Starter Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Monthly Fee CDN
0% Discount
$2.99 $9.99 $16.99 $19.99
Quarterly Fee CDN
5% Discount
[$2.84 /mo]
[$9.49 /mo]
[$16.14 /mo]
[$18.99 /mo]
Annual Fee CDN
10% Discount
[$2.69 /mo]
[$8.99 /mo]
[$15.29 /mo]
[$17.99 /mo]
Setup Fee free setup free setup free setup free setup
Email Features Starter Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Email Accounts 1 1 1 1
Mailbox Size [MB] 5 15 30 50
Email Spam Filter
E-mail Forwards
Web Mail Interface
Mail Domain 1 1 1 1
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Why would I pay for email address when there are Free ones?

Many services such as Hotmail, Gmail, YahooMail all offer free email addresses with ample storage. The most appealing part of these email systems is that they are free.

The problem with this type of free email service is that it does not allow you to choose your own domain name

By domain we mean; this is fine for a personal account, however for a business or an organization, is it preferable to have your domain name attached to your email address.

Reflecting a more professional atmosphere and allowing the client to keep their personal email address hidden from the public.

By using E-mal Forwarding you can still use your personal email for business.

Forward all email from to and you will not need to check 2 email accounts.

Paid email services allow you to also customize your email addresses. How many joe, john, matt, mikes are out there on Hotmail, Gmail, YahooMail right now.

So it's not likely you are going to get and you have to pick some variation of the email such as

By using your own domain these email addresses will be relevant to your site and you will be able to have with no hassle.